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Международный авиационно-космический журнал «АвиаСоюз»
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Национальный аэрокосмический журнал ВЗЛЁТ
The 12-th International Exhibition and Scientific Conference on Hydroaviation GIDROAVIASALON '2018 will be held from 13 to 16 September, 2018 on the shore of the Gelendzhik bay at the premises of Gelendzhik Hydroaviation Test Base belonging to Beriev Aircraft Public Joint Stock Company.

GIDROAVIASALON is organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, sponsored by the United Aircraft Corporation PJSC (UAC), and operated, arranged and conducted by Beriev Aircraft Public Joint Stock Company.

GIDROAVIASALON is an exhibition with the main goal to demonstrate water- and ship-based aviation, the prospects of its development and applications for passenger and cargo transportation, tourism, patrol, search-and-rescue sea operations, rendering aid in case of emergencies and ecological disasters.

The exposition of the forthcoming exhibition was significantly extended including the following sections: continental shelf oil and gas extraction, water bioresources and aquiculture, underwater machinery and equipment, ocean science and resources of the World Ocean, hydrometeorological support of human being activity in the World Ocean, maritime law, aquatics.

The extensive business program includes a scientific conference, presentations, and press-conferences, seminars and round table discussions concerning the current problems of all the exhibition directions: aviation, hydroaviation, and maritime activity.

GIDROAVIASALON will conduct a unique flying program where the best of Russian pilots who contributed to the worldwide fame of the national flying school show capabilities of aeronautical engineering over the Gelendzhik bay. World-famous aerobatic teams will participate in the demonstration flights.

GIDROAVIASALON, combining a vividness of great colorful aviation celebration with formality of business negotiations, helps to establish new business contacts, find the required partners, evaluate market opportunities, and make contracts. This is a place where the specialists, businessmen and aviation enthusiasts have an opportunity to have a better view of hydroaviation industry and promising programs by obtaining the most reliable first-hand information.

Atmosphere of the seaside resort will allow all of the participants both to work and to have a rest. Those who have ever taken part in our previous GIDROAVIASALON exhibitions always stay its true friends, supporters and participants for good.

GIDROAVIASALON is hereby inviting the guests and participants to meet on the shore of the Gelendzhik bay.

See you at the 12-th International Exhibition and Scientific Conference on Hydroaviation GIDROAVIASALON '2018.