Greetings to guests and participants

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Dear colleagues and friends!

“Hydroaviasalon” is one of the most dynamically developing exhibition events, which over the past years has demonstrated an impressive way of development — from a highly specialized industry event to a representative forum of international class.

High-tech developments, as well as modern competitive products of our subsidiaries, presented today at the exhibition are in demand all over the world. They demonstrate the outstanding performance even in the most difficult natural and climatic conditions and are well suited for a wide range of applications, including the Wold Ocean development. A large share in the production line belongs to the products for civilian use.

Within the framework of the event, much attention will be paid to the problems of digital transformation of production, promotion of innovative solutions and development of human resources.

I am sure that the joint work of the heads and specialists of leading Russian enterprises and scientific organizations on the same platform will contribute to the effective development of proposals for the formation of a new image of high-tech engineering in our country.

I wish all the guests and participants fruitful work, new business contacts and success!

The General Director of the State Corporation Rostekh

Sergey Chemezov