Greetings to guests and participants

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On behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, I welcome the participants and visitors of Hydroaviasalon-2018!

We are proud by right of the history and achievements of domestic developers of sea-based aircraft. For decades, Russia has been a leader in this segment. Our aircraft manufacturers’ products, which often have no analogues in the world market, cause a natural interest of consumers.

An important role in the development of this segment was played by “Hydroaviasalon”, held this year for the twelfth time. The exhibition and scientific conference of the same name have become a traditional meeting place for experts from different countries and a platform for highly professional discussions. A new impulse to the development of the event was given by an expanded scope of its topics which include a wide range of problems related to the World ocean development.

Today, “Hydroaviasalon” is taking another step in its progressive growth. A renewed exhibition platform on the territory of the test and experimental base of the Beriev Aircraft Company will bring the world’s leading experts who will demonstrate their progressive achievements and discuss a wide range of issues related to digitalization. The increasing of the labor productivity level, reducing costs at all stages of the products' life cycle are the most important challenges facing mechanical engineering, and it is the “Industry 4.0” format that gives a convincing solutions.

I am convinced that the exhibition and scientific conference will contribute to strengthening of the innovative potential of domestic manufacturers, promoting their products to the international market, and widespread penetration of digital technologies into everyday life of every Russian citizen.

I wish you success, fruitful work and all the best!

The Minister of Industry and Trade

Denis Manturov