Denis Manturov attended Exhibition Hydroaviasalon-2018

Denis Manturov attended Exhibition Hydroaviasalon-2018
08 September 2018 Category: News Views: 1996

Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, took part in the 12th International Exhibition and Scientific Conference on Hydroaviation Hydroaviasalon-2018 during the whole day on September 8. A number of contracts for supply of Russian-made aircrafts and aviation were signed in his presence. The Minister met with young aviation engineers. Besides, contracts for the supply of Be-200 aircrafts to companies from the USA and Chile were signed. The day was closed by demonstration flights: aerobatic teams Swifts and First Flight rose in the sky.

Business Program

Despite being a weekend, the third day of the Hydroaviasalon-2018 Business Program was full of panel discussions, presentations and seminars. In addition to the issues of digitalization in aircraft engineering and unmanned aviation systems, some issues of the related sectors were discussed.

Panel session “Digital Industry 4.0RU – Transformation of Production and Man” became the central event of the day. The participants discussed a project, studied a business case of Aerocompozit, and a viewed presentation by Adaptive Industrial Technologies. The event organizer demonstrated the approach and experience in implementation of projects on building unmanned aircrafts. Participants of the discussion exchanged their opinions on the 4.0 industrial revolution and barriers on the way to successful implementation of the “digital plant.”

Participants of the Business Program got acquainted with advanced international experience of implementation of projects in the field of digital industry. So, Siemens and ITELMA presented their vision of the aircraft “digital twin” concept. Experience in implementing technological preparation of production of the aggregate and final assembly on the basis of electronic product model in the United Aircraft Corporation and Russian Helicopters was also reviewed. A lecture held by SAP outlined international experience of digital transformation at leading aerospace corporations. According the experts, establishment of an innovation ecosystem, including setting up innovation laboratories and technopraks, attraction of venture capital investments in start-ups, collaboration with universities, staff training program, use of the Hakaton format and interaction with higher education institutions for joint work on projects, is one of the directions for the work. Meanwhile, Dassault Systemes held a research and practice seminar to discuss high-end technologies currently in demand in the field of civil aircraft engineering. Participants of the roundtable organized by PJSC Tupolev presented their vision of the prospective Russian digital platform for aircraft engineering.

Participants expressed much interest in expert discussion “The Appearance of the New Commercial Aircraft in the Development of the SSJ Line-Up is Innovation and Cost-Effectiveness.” Invited experts told about current expectations of operators from a new aircraft, its technical shape, innovations in design, technologies and materials.

A number of events devoted to implementation of digital solutions in various economy sectors was carried out. Specialists discussed complex projects in the field of building a “Smart Car”, application of digital technologies in retail business, and for creating an ecosystem of future cities. A roundtable on development of electric transport infrastructure was held.

Contracts and Supplies

The largest number of contracts and agreements for supplies of aircraft equipment was signed on September 8. Some of them were signed in the presence of Denis Manturov. While viewing the exposition at the stand of Tekhnologiya, a member of RT-Chemcomposite holding, an agreement for supply of 10 agricultural aircrafts designed by RusAvia was signed. The first ten aircrafts for the amount of 200 million rubles will be supplied to the original customer in 2018.

A number of contracts were signed in the Digital Industry pavilion. Russian Helicopters Holding, the National Service of Sanitary Aviation (NSSA) and Avia Capital Services leasing company signed contracts for supply of sanitary versions of 104 Ansat helicopters and 46 Mi-8AMT helicopters. The contract involves purchase of helicopters by Avia Capital Services, and their further handover to the operatior on the financial lease terms. NSSA will deliver aviation healthcare services following the unified standard in 24/7 format. Under the contract, the first medical Mi-8AMT helicopter was handed over to the National Service of Sanitary Aviation during Hydroaviasalon-2018. The vehicle is fitted with medical equipment to render emergency aid onboard the helicopter, including an artificial lung ventilation system and a Tele-ECG machine to decode the cardiogram in real time.

The State Transport Leasing Company and Severstal Aircompany signed a letter of intent for handover of four Superjet 100 aircrafts in financial lease in 2018-2019. The agreement involves handing over the aircrafts in 2018-2019 and an option for supply of two more aircrafts. The leasing period will be 12 years. According to the agreement, Severstal Aircompany will receive winglet-equipped SSJ100 aircrafts. The State Transport Leasing Company also concluded a finance lease contract for a Mi-8 helicopter with Scientific and Production Company PANH. The State Transport Leasing Company signed a letter of intent for development and use of software for control over its aircraft fleet with Connected Aircraft Enterprise. The Beriev Aircraft Company also entered into important deals. Yury Grudinin, Director General and Chief Designer of the Beriev Aircraft Company, signed contracts with US and Chilean airlines. The contract with American Seaplane Global Air Services involves the supply of four aircrafts and an option for six more aircrafts of the same type. The contract with Chilean Asesorias СВР Ltda. involves the supply of two Be-ChS aircrafts and an option for three more such aircrafts.

Career Training Events

Hydroaviasalon-2018 hosted a variety of events in the field of career training. Two years ago, young technical designer Maksim Kozhevnikov showed his invention, unmanned aircraft VZHIK, to Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov. The Minister appreciated the work and promised to present a 3D printer and a notebook to the boy to enable him to implement new projects.

After that, the young designer's invention was patented, and VZHIK was awarded gold medal at the International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies Archimedes-2017. So, today Denis Manturov came to Gelendzhik with presents for the boy. Besides, the Minister got acquainted with projects of the participants in the Aviation of the Future contest.

While viewing the exposition of the Exhibition, Denis Manturov visited the Youth Sports Centers stand that displayed information about Aviastart gliding center, Scarlet Sails sailing center and Formula of the Future sailing center.

United Aircraft Corporation, organizer of Hydroaviasalon-2018, held a forum for the talented succession pool. 70 best young professionals of the Corporation's subsidiaries got acquainted with different fields of activity, reflected in the program for innovation development, discussed the issues of digital technology application, and received practical skills for implementation of the key management technologies.

Sports Program

Circuit race and freestyle qualification rounds within the Russian Aquabike Championship were held on Saturday. The winners in both classes will be determined on Sunday.

Visitors of Hydroaviasalon could also watch a unique water freestyle show Space Odyssey with the participation of leading Russian flyboard and aquabike athletes.

Improvement of the weather in the afternoon allowed for flying aircrafts. Participants of the aerobatics tournament MAKS Cup carried out qualification flights as part of the preliminary round.

The flying program was completed by the performance of aerobatic teams Swifts and First Flight.